In honor of Father's Day, COHI asked Brian Rosenworcel, the drummer of the band Guster, a few questions about fatherhood, life balance and parenting as a source of musical inspiration. Read on, and enjoy!

1. What did you think fatherhood would be like compared to what it really is?

I don't think I went into with a lot of expectations. I generally just react to what's thrown at me. And it was a huge adjustment. You start with sleep deprivation and an overwhelming sense of life-as-you-know-it disappearing. Then a healthy dose of a love-that-you've-never-felt-before to help balance it out. It turns your world upside down.

2. How do you balance your professional life + your parenting life?

As a musician I've reacted by cutting my time on the road in half. Maybe 4 months a year instead of 8. It's about finding a sweet spot where you balance creativity, income, spousal resentment, and your own inherent connection to your kids. I like the touring lifestyle because when I'm home, I'm completely present and available to them. And when I'm gone, it's a bit like a working vacation that recharges my sense of self.

3. Has fatherhood proven an inspiration for your work?

We try not to get too Dad-rock with the lyrics, but parenthood is an expansive thing and it changes your perspective on the world. On some levels I feel deeper from it and on other levels I feel so entrenched in it that I'm cut off from a whole other set of experiences. I have the sneaking suspicion that kids are actually better off when their parents are expanding their own worlds, rather than hyper-focusing on the kids.

4. What tips do you have for new Dads?

Make an instructional video for a sling carrier where you almost drop your infant son, then post it online and earn the ire of the world in the comments section. Good for the soul.

5. What do you wish you'd known about fatherhood before becoming a father?

After the baby stage, it just seems to go so quickly. While out in the world doing your thing, make sure you're balanced, and that your love and passion goes to your children, and not just your career. Don't be the dude in the Cat's in the Cradle song. Your kids will be teenagers in the blink of an eye.