Last year at this time, we called on you to help keep a Syrian hospital open during one of the most desperate times for the Syrian people. Sera Bonds, COHI CEO, wrote:

“Whatever shred of healthcare is left for the Syrian people currently, it will face greater and more dire challenges as the situation becomes even more precarious and unpredictable. The expected funds that were scheduled to arrive sourced from other organizations are no longer coming to their aid. It’s up to us to make sure this hospital gets the valuable resources they need to take care of Syrian mothers and infants.”

It’s now a year later and we are so proud and grateful. Because of YOUR donations we were able to keep the Iman Hospital open for the entire year. 365 days. Over 60,000 women and children cared for. We did this together.

COHI showed up for them when no one else did and kept the lights on, the medicine flowing, the salaries paid and the meals provided. This was hard for us. We are a small organization but because of your generosity, we did it.

On Wednesday, December 20, at 9 a.m. CST COHI’s Founder/CEO Sera Bonds will be talking with Anas Barbour of Human Appeal and Dr. Okba Jadou, the medical manager of the hospital about their accomplishments this year and we’ll hear stories of the women you helped with your generous donations. We invite you to join us right here on this page or at this link.