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Today we join with you in lifting our hearts and prayers to those impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Storms such as these are becoming more and more common, sadly, and the devastation grows with each one.

Stories of moms giving birth amid the rubble and devastation are trickling out, as aid begins to trickle in. Increases in cases of human trafficking are likely to be one of the more long-lasting outcomes of this disaster and COHI aims to engage in this area in the long term response needed to protect children and women. COHI is also committing to provide environmentally sound supplies and equipment as part of our response, and we invite you to join us in those efforts, as well.

COHI has demonstrated its ability to take action during natural disasters and is organizing a response to aid the communities impacted in the Philippines. We will stay true to our mission by focusing on the increased risk of violence facing women and children in times of trauma and displacement, as well as supporting the needs of local women's organizations. We are in need of funds and specific item donations, so please give what you can and share the word about this opportunity to engage.

Items We are Collecting

  • Diapers, infant feeding formula, bras, women's underwear, menstrual hygiene products, and flashlights/batteries.
  • In our effort to not contribute further to climate change, COHI commits to providing supplies that are solar powered and compostable. If you are affiliated with a business working in green technology or with compostable products such as diapers, please be in touch.
  • Please contact COHI at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (512) 210-7710.

We will be providing updates on impacted communities on the COHI blog as soon as programming begins.

Thank you for your continued support and action in times of need. COHI joins you in offering up thoughts and prayers that those affected by Typhon Haiyan find the safety, health, and protection they deserve.


Sera Bonds, MPH
COHI, Founder
Austin, Texas