If you weren't at Iron & Wine's concert at the Paramount Theater on Saturday, you missed out on an amazing evening of midwife mingling and spine-tingling music. Every summer, Sam Beam performs an acoustic set benefitting the Midwives Alliance of North America. His wife, Kim Beam is a midwife and they live with their five beautiful daughters in Dripping Springs, TX.

Because the annual concert is for a cause so close to his heart and in a city so close to his home, the summer show is always a unique experience, set apart from his tour. In the acoustic setting, his songs have an intimate, nostalgic quality often lost with the accompaniment of his band. Both shows are fantastic, but there is something irreplacable about Beam and his guitar alone on stage.

Throughout the concert, Beam chatted with the audience, told stories about his wife and family, accepted countless song suggestions, and paused mid-line to explain the meaning behind some of the lyrics.

Circle of Health was proud to represent the Austin midwife community along with Texans for Midwifery and Mamas of Color Rising at an information table in the lobby.

Beam and his family are moving to North Carolina this fall, but we hope they return next summer to continue the benefit series and we hope to see you there!