Boston University has set the course for my professional and personal life. I founded my organization, Circle of Health International, during the final weeks of finishing my public health degree there. I also met my husband at B.U.; he was my epidemiology tutor. Today, he is the father of our two beautiful children and is now a Pediatrician.

My experience at BU was a unique and rewarding chapter in my life. I was encouraged to consider the impact that I wanted to make on the world, and it was assumed that I would make one. That assumption, in all of its simplicity, was empowering. My internal and external boundaries shifted, and I grew. It was a very special time, one I feel incredibly lucky to have had.

One of the many things I learned at the Boston University School of Public Health is that the most powerful and effective way to end poverty, and to address health in a comprehensive way, is to educate girls. I have been given the opportunity, and extraordinary support, to follow my professional dreams. Seeing those dreams actualized and effecting positive changes worldwide, I want to do all that I can to provide similar opportunities and support.

It's been 10 years from when I first envisioned and founded COHI from Boston University, and I am proud to say that COHI has reached over three million women worldwide; improving their access to health care, providing educational opportunities for midwives and nurses, and keeping babies safe in some of the world's hardest places. I am also happily married to the man I crossed paths with at the Boston University School of Public Health. Through the arms of Boston University, my dreams took flight, and I've never looked back.

Sera Bonds, MPH
COHI, Founder
Austin, Texas

Speaking Engagements Around Boston: Oct. 23-26

  • How to Found Your Own Non-Profit Organization: Sera Bonds, Founder of Circle of Health International, will discuss the work of Circle of Health International as well as her career in global health (specifically maternal and child health in disaster-affected and conflict areas), as well as how to found your own non-profit organization. This event is co-sponsored by OCS and Population and Family Health Dept.

    Date: Thursday, Oct. 24
    Time: 11:30am-1:00pm
    Location: B2 Conference Room, 60 Haven Avenue

  • The Role of Small Organizations in Making Big Change

    Date: Friday, Oct. 25
    Time: 3:00pm
    Location: 100 Bay State Road, Sixth Floor, Room 613b