Dear friends and supporters,

Today we join with you all in praying for the families and survivors of the most recent tragedy in Oklahoma. There are some things that happen to us, around us, that we cannot explain or rationalize away. They are no one's fault. Natural disasters are these kinds of events. For the grace of God go I, you, and all the rest of us who awoke today in our homes, with clean water coming out of our taps, who packed healthy lunches for our kids, and started our day. We look around to see our corners of the world mostly the same as yesterday: safe.

Natural disasters and the impact and devastation that they bring provide us each with the opportunity to tap into our own generosity and to share the grace we find there. Opportunities to extend a helping hand to those who were, on that day, in that moment, in the wrong place, is one of life's greatest gifts. Providing resources to recover from the impact and damage to the place where they and their loved ones were hurt, and their belongings destroyed, is an incredible honor. I invite each of you to join with us, Circle of Health International, in considering the role that you can play in lending a hand, in helping the grieving to find a way to level ground, metaphorically and otherwise, and then to begin healing. Bearing witness and offering support to the unfolding of the courage and grace that families touched by tragedy are living is one of COHI's greatest privileges.

COHI has a demonstrated history of taking action during such acts of natural disasters and is organizing a response to aid the communities affected in Oklahoma. Our team will set out this week from Austin to join the collective efforts. We will stay true to our mission by focusing on the increased risk of violence for women and children in times of trauma and displacement and will be bringing dignity kits to distribute. We are in need of funds and specific item donations, so please give what you can and share the word of this opportunity to engage with this region so tragically impacted.

Items We are Collecting

Diapers, infant feeding formula, bras, women's underwear, menstrual hygiene products, and flashlights/batteries.

Please contact COHI's Director of Programs, Michelle Jones, at 214-676-0902 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately.

We will be providing updates from Moore and the surrounding communities as soon as tomorrow when our team arrives, and your donations will reach their intended beneficiaries within a week's time.

Thank you for your continued support and action in times of need, and we join you all in offering up prayers and gratitude that we each find the safety, health, and protection we deserve.


Sera Bonds, MPH
Founder, COHI
Austin, Texas