COHI arrived in Haiti on January 17th, 2010, and immediately began providing care to the pregnant women living in Fond Parisien, Haiti. As a part of its initial response, COHI conducted a Women's Health Needs Assessment at Camp Hope. COHI partnered with Christ Pour Tous and Midwives for Haiti to hire two Haitian midwives to provide maternity care to the women living in and around Fond Parisien. From March, 2010, through December, 2010, the two midwives have provided more than 1,000 prenatal appointments and more than 200 safe deliveries. COHI developed a referral network between Christ Pour Tous and a maternity hospital in Croix des Bouquets, which ensures women in need of emergency obstetric care, including cesarean sections, have 24/7 access to these life-saving services.

In September, 2010, COHI held its first Women's Health Summit in Fond Parisien. COHI invited all organizations (local and international) working in the area to attend. The summit focused on identifying the healthcare needs of the population, as well as the needs of those providing the healthcare services. COHI developed a series of GBV (gender-based violence) training sessions &emdash; specifically geared towards increasing male involvement &emdash; that was offered to all staff at Fond Parisien, and eventually to the greater community.

COHI maintains its close relationships with its community-based partnerships and continues to support the birth center, clinic, and midwives in Fond Parisien with supplies, funds, and clinical volunteers. In January, 2015, COHI conducted an Impact Assessment to determine what changes in maternal, reproductive, and newborn health have taken place due to COHI's involvement five years after the 2010 earthquake. In June, 2015, in the wake of the expulsion of Haitians from the Dominican Republic, COHI's field volunteers in Fond Parisien conducted a health needs assessment for mothers and young women in the growing border camps nearby. COHI provided reproductive and maternal healthcare to this stateless population. COHI staff remained in Fond Parisien through December 2015, assisting with supply and medicine coordination and deepening local partnerships in the region.

Most recently, COHI coordinated its response to meet the medical needs of mothers and children in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Cholera remains a real threat to the health of pregnant and nursing mothers and young children in Haiti, especially after natural disasters. COHI partnered with Midwives for Haiti in their local efforts, providing $3000 in funding directly to Midwives for Haiti for cholera prevention education and supplies, distributed with safe delivery kits.

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