U.S. midwife with COHI's field team in Sri Lanka. Credit: Kloie Picot.

Loving What We Have Left: Women's Health-Focused Tsunami Relief Effort

COHI led a rapid response team of 11 women's health professionals from the US and Europe into Sri Lanka. The team lived and worked in one of the most devastated regions affected not only by the 2003 Tsunami but also by over 25 years of armed conflict. $80,000 was raised through cash donations from individuals and a $23,000 grant from World Vision/Sri Lanka. Together, the team conducted the first women's health needs assessment and provided the only women's health services to a number of refugee camps.

A documentary filmmaker, Kloie Picot, traveled to Sri Lanka to film COHI's work. View the video here, as well as several of the compelling photos taken by Ms. Picot. To learn more about her work, visit her website.