Supporting our partner, FLEMAFA

COHI and FLEMAFA have a long-lasting friendship that began in 2006. COHI helped FLEMAFA in the planning and construction of a maternal health center, allowing mothers a safe place to labor, located near the district hospital in the case of an emergency.

FLEMAFA's Recent Accomplishments

  • Provided supervision visits to districts;
  • Conducted education sessions to more than 120 community members, which covered care of the newborn baby, childhood illnesses and signs of danger during labor;
  • Monitored and followed-up on equipment and supplies distributed by FLEMAFA;
  • Trained 12 field supervisors;
  • Distributed 12 bicycles to the field supervisors for monitoring and evaluation needs.

COHI continues to serve as FLEMAFA’s U.S.-based fiscal sponsor for donations, and hopes to send additional teams of clinical volunteers in the future. Let us know if you are interested in donating or attending such a volunteer-based clinical trip to visit FLEMAFA in the field.

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