Melinda MD/MPH working alongside our partners at Human Appeal International in the Karatepe Refugee Camp in Lesovs, Greece.

We cannot expect people do their jobs to the best of their abilities when they lack the resources required to succeed. As part of our relief effort, COHI is invested in providing essential supplies to all the communities and clinicians we support. Especially in regards to maternal and female reproductive health products, we are making a concerted effort to fill the gap and ensure that women around the world have access to:

  • Dignity kits: Menstrual health products, bras, underwear, rape whistles, and flashlights.
  • Birth kits: Soap, razor blades, plastic sheets, plastic gloves, and string.
  • Medication + Consumables: Prenatals, antibiotics, antivirals, IV fluid, etc.
  • Equipment: Ultrasounds, fetal heart monitors, x-ray machines, and more.
  • Medical supplies: Casts, crutches, surgical tools, sutures, bandages, and the like.
  • Hygiene kits:
    • Men: deodorant, toothpaste, brushes, razors, combs
    • Women: deodorant, toothpaste, brushes, combs
  • Luggage: backpacks (children and adult), child-sized rolling suitcases

COHI works from pre-crafted wish lists when compiling supply orders so that we are addressing the needs determined by the beneficiary communities themselves. This guarantees that the products we send to the field are used in the most effective way possible.

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