Keeping Austin Engaged:
Teach and Be Taught

The election in November 2016 illuminated gaps in the organizing and advocacy ecosystem in the US. As a result, COHI launched our local activism-focused initiative ATXCAN with the goal to engage ATX-based concerned citizens and support their homegrown activism regarding local, state and national advocacy.

The Austin Community Allies Network is a civic-action initiative aiming to grow an Austin where people are deeply engaged with their own personal brand of activism. We co-host workshops and trainings for the community with ally groups to learn how to challenge political systems, build capacity for positive change, and create a more just, equitable, sustainable democratic future.

COHI will provide informative sessions on topics such as effective lobbying, cybersecurity for activists, boycotting with your dollars, and our Justice 101 series that focuses on at-risk minority rights, environmental concerns, reproductive justice and more.

Engage with us during these sessions, explore the ATXCAN website and keep up with ATXCAN on social media as we share upcoming ways to get active and get involved right here in Austin. Let's keep Austin engaged, together.